Housing Pledge

Kalsang Dolma's letter to the TO Housing Pledge team.


Dear TO Housing Pledge Team

Thank you for creating the Toronto Affordable Housing Pledge.

As a Toronto City Council candidate, I am proud to support your much needed advocacy and direct action in making our City a truly equitable and livable city.

Over the last 10 years, as a community and city builder, I have tirelessly worked to support affordable housing.

I have stood up for and helped to build spaces for the marginalized, underserved members of our communities in Parkdale-High Park -- and from across Toronto.

As you know, there is a wait list of approximately 100,000 applicants for social housing. This simply cannot continue.

If we want Toronto to remain as one of the best cities in the world, we must take real steps to make it more affordable to live in.

I pledge to take the five important practical steps towards making Toronto a fairer and more equitable city for ALL.


Kalsang Dolma
Toronto City Council Candidate, Parkdale - High Park
416.668.2881 or dolma@kalsangdolma.ca