Christopher Matthews

Kalsang is a trusted and progressive voice in our neighbourhood. She understands the issues and recognizes the need for fairness, equity and opportunities for everyone. She’s not afraid to stand up and fight for Parkdale-HighPark residences at City Hall. Its time we have a representative that not only has a strong leadership record, who lives & volunteers within neighbourhood. But someone who hears our voice and truly cares. Without a doubt this is Kalsang Dolma.

Christopher Matthews, Resident of Parkdale-High Park

29 September 2018

Arthur Kong

After having lived in the Parkdale-High Park neighbourhood for a couple of years, I began to see the diversity of issues and challenges facing my neighbours and I across the ward. From issues of social housing, to food security, to homeless, to stormwater drainage, and community safety, we need someone who is a proven and experienced leader who can fight for us at City Hall, who actually lives in the ward, and who is not indebted to any political party or special interest groups. That one candidate is, without question, Kalsang Dolma.

Arthur Kong, resident of Parkdale-High Park

29 September 2018

Stephen Dorsey

I’m excited to support Kalsang Dolma in her candidacy to become the next City Councillor for Parkdale-High Park (Ward 4). I believe It’s time for someone with a track record of success working with others to advance the needs and wants of our community. As a resident of Parkdale-High Park for more than 14-years, Kalsang has worked for positive change including advocating for better transit, safer streets, small businesses, arts, culture, more vibrant public and green spaces, and for affordable housing. She has fresh ideas around smart development in our neighbourhoods that would result in more tangible benefits actually flowing to the community. After 12-years of the same representation in Parkdale-High Park, it's time for a change, some diversity, and a fresh perspective. Please join me in supporting Kalsang Dolma for Toronto City Council.

Stephen Dorsey, Principal @ Dorsey Studios / Roncesvalles and Sorauren Park Community Volunteer

26 September 2018

Oksana P. Struk

Over the weekend I met a very remarkable woman, Kalsang Dolma, whose aim it is to run for the council seat in Parkdale-High Park. As I am eighty two years old, I can state emphatically, that I have rarely met any one running for public office, who impressed me as much with her thoughtful, innovative and dedicated approach and candour to the job she is willing to take up come election to City Council in October.

I have to add that I have lived in this area for 53 years, that’s more then half my life time, and fervently wish to have a wise and forward looking councillor in this riding.

I have yet to meet a resident in this neighbourhood who is not passionately attached to it. Therefore let me strongly recommend this very suitable, energetic person for our councillor. We need new, capable and idealistic people to represent us.

24 September 2018

Ilana Newman

I’m a relative newcomer to Parkdale (only as of July, 2017), but I was excited and relieved to see that Ms. Dolma is running for office, as I believe she is already doing great work in our community; giving her a greater platform to work in and for Parkdale will be the best thing possible for this neighbourhood. Please consider voting for Kalsang!

16 August 2018

Tenzing Woesal

Hello everyone, my name is Tenzing Woesal. I am a Staff Accountant working at an Accounting firm. I am also youth who lived in Parkdale as a teenager and grew up in the area. Since I was a teenager in Parkdale, I have always seen Kalsang organizing events and assisting youths. I have seen her organize multiple youth events like anti-smoking campaign, volleyball tournament, 3-point basketball contest, badminton tournament, networking conference, just to name a few. While she puts a lot of effort into youth, I have also seen her organize events for seniors and artist in the Parkdale.

During my early 20’s, Kalsang was still running events and projects that were helping youth and the underserved families and people of Parkdale and Toronto. She strongly believes that employing youth was important means of assisting youth. When one of her project was hiring youth for bookkeeping in 2016, I got the opportunity to work with Kalsang more directly. During my time year and half of working with Kalsang, I witnessed her exceptional leadership skills and community building initiatives. Kalsang consistently guided our team of youth, day in and day out. Even after my work term was over, Kalsang was always willing to help us. If past is a great indicator of future, I can confidently say that Kalsang will be an excellent Councilor for youth and families, without a doubt.

13 August 2018

Jorge Tejeda

My name is Jorge Tejeda, a 22 year old, I work full time and am a volunteer for Kalsang’s campaign run for Councillor of ward 18. I live downtown but I met Kalsang 4 years ago in 2013, working in Parkdale neighbourhood, when I was looking to fulfill the required 40 volunteer hours I needed to graduate from high school (Central Tech). I learned about her program, through a friend at my high school, which I would later learn was one of many, managed and coordinated by Kalsang, in the Parkdale Public Library. The Homework club was the first program I participated in 4 the Parkdale Community, it was about youth helping each other with their homework. The experience was great, as it allowed youth to socialize in a productive manner. I ended up doing 70 hours in that program, more than enough to graduate, yet I did not stop volunteering for Kalsang.

She had different ideas and projects that continued helping Parkdale and Toronto youth beyond their homework needs: through the SmokeFree Heroes Tobacco awareness & health advocacy campaign,, summer youth networking conference and leadership workshops, talent shows, family engagement through arts and culture events, where we explored the basics of community service and organizing, and countless other projects she has put together in the last four years.

I write this letter, because it is clear to me that not only does Kalsang know the needs of Toronto’s Youth, but she is more than capable and competent in carrying out great programs for everyone under her leadership. Ward 18 neighbourhood would benefit greatly from a Councillor with her passion and skill set, therefore I fully support Kalsang, and she can count on my support.

26 July 2018

Theresa Perkins

My name is Theresa Perkins. I live in Parkdale for the past 16 years. My son was born in Parkdale and I volunteer at the Parkdale Food Bank for the past 10 years. I started off as a client, then a volunteer and am a supervisor now. I have known Kalsang for a few years now. I got to know her through one my friend's son who worked with her. She works with the youth, they respect her and she is very involved in the community. She strives to make sure that other's voices are heard and she will be a very good councillor if given the chance. We need someone like her to represent us and will speak for us and get things done. Vote for Kalsang.

6 July 2018

Beryl-Ann Mark

My name is Beryl-Ann Mark and I live in the Parkdale Community for the past 24 years. I live in subsidised housing and I believe Kalsang would be an awesome person to be a city councillor because she is down to earth, easy to talk to and I believe that she cares about social issues that affect people's lives.

6 July 2018

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