I’m Kalsang Dolma. I arrived in Canada 14 years ago -- and made Parkdale my home.

A lot has changed since then. I became a teacher, an artist, a youth advocate and a homeowner. And the Parkdale / High Park community has become ever more diverse and vibrant.

Unfortunately, little has changed at City Hall. What City Hall needs is change. And what Ward 4 deserves is a voice that represents the true face of the city we live in.

As a councillor I will champion change for issues like:

1. Smart and responsible development without displacement

2. Connected and safe streets

3. Vibrant public and green spaces

4. 21st century schools

5. Affordable housing for all

I believe we can -- and need to -- drive real progress on these issues.

Unfortunately, incumbency in Toronto’s City Hall is a critical problem standing in the way of making changes for the better.

In the last 2014 municipal elections, 36 out of the 37 incumbent councillors held on to their seats. With this kind of systemic barrier, it’s no wonder that less than a quarter of our councillors are women. Among 45 city councillors, there is only one woman of colour.

We need fresh and diverse voices to drive change for the better. Which is why I’m running for the privilege of becoming your City Councillor.

But I can’t do it alone. You can help by donating, volunteering, posting on social -- and voting for change on October 22.

A better Toronto is possible.

Believe in better.


Kalsang Dolma
Toronto City Council Candidate, Parkdale - High Park
416.668.2881 or dolma@kalsangdolma.ca

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